Releasing vows of poverty from my past lives

On 28th June I wrote a letter to the Archangels Michael and Raphael asking why I was so hopeless at managing money.  In their reply they said that in a past life I had taken a vow of poverty and that I must releaase myself from it so that I could accept the abundance that was offered to me in this life.

That night I used the meditation to release myself of vows as described in Diana Cooper’s book ‘Angel Inspiration’ and the following is what happened:

My Guardian Angel, Simone took me to a woodland. The woodland looked dark and almost monochrome, appearing to me in shades of dark blue, black and grey. I was taken to a clearing in the woodland where I saw a man, who was also shown to me in shades of dark blue, standing to one side. I had the feeling that some type of pagan ritual had taken place there.

I said the words to release myself from my vow of poverty and turned around to walk back through the woodland, suddenly daylight seemed to break over the woodland and the scene started appear in colour. I became aware of butterflies, woodland creatures and the sound of birdsong for the first time.

‘Take me home,’ I said to Simone

‘One more stop,’ he replied.

He took me to a different location where a great wall stretched out in front of us.

‘Where are we?’ I asked

‘Don’t you recognise it?’ he responded

‘China,’ I said.

Without a word he took me to a temple. I creature that I recognised as a demon came and settled on the wall I asked the Archangel Michael to remove this negative influence from my life. Then, an angel appeared and struck down the demon with his sword.
I was then taken inside the temple where I again said the words to release myself from my vow and handed back a wooden bowl to the monk.

Later, lying in my bed I then heard the angels singing for a second time. I could clearly hear the full range of bases, tenors, altos and sopranos. I could not understand the language that they were singing in. I felt a great desire to join in with them but could not mimic the syllabus.

Footnote: The last two nights I have not asked the angels to sing over me and I have not heard the singing. I have also not been able to ‘hear’ the music in my head since that night.



About Discovering Angels

I have had an interest in the paranormal for many years. A few years ago I trained as a Reiki practitioner and achieved Master Teacher status. I am also studying psychology with the Open University and regard myself as an 'open minded sceptic'. I currently work in a call centre and have written two science fiction novels which are available through Amazon. Towards the end of June 2011 a friend suggested that I asked the Archangel Michael for help in something. I was suffering from deppression and was at an all time low so decided to read up about the Angels for myself. This blog charts my journey of discovery.

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